Thursday, July 14, 2016

Refresh for Summer....Dining Room Chairs

Happy Thursday All! It's time for another Refresh for Summer quick and easy project. My dining room chairs have been in need of a refresh for quite sometime. So I figured now would be a great time to tackle this project. As I mentioned in a previous post it's hot here in Florida. And with that being said, I am only doing projects that can be completed inside. So let's get this makeover on the road!

These are the chairs to be recovered. The two chairs on the left were a curbside find. My Husband brought them home one day out of the blue. The chairs on the right belonged to my friend. She didn't want to throw them out so she gave them to me. She figured that I could probably do something with them, and she was right. At this point I really hadn't decided what fabrics I wanted to put on the chairs. All I knew was that I wanted each chair to have a different fabric. So to the fabric stash I went!

I started playing around just to get an idea as to what fabrics I wanted to use. I opted not to recover the third chair at all, since I like the color, texture, and the Asian feel of the fabric. Plus, this way I would only have to recover three chairs instead of four.

I love, love, love the fabric on the first chair so I decided it was a keeper, but the other two chairs (animal print/solid blue striped fabric) not so much. Don't get me wrong I love the animal print and the blue stripe but I just wasn't feeling it.

This fabric is amazing! It's bold, vivid and tropical with lots of personality. I love it!!!!

I think this fabric is amazing as well. Originally it was being used as a pillow cover, but I thought it would compliment the rest of my fabric selections quite nicely. You like?
Three chairs down and one more to recover. Yay, I could see the finish line.

I chose this brightly colored stripe fabric for the last chair. This is the same fabric I used in my Office Reveal.
Here they are all lined up and ready for the chair Fashion SHOW, and I love the outcome. 
Even though each chair has a different fabric, the fabrics work together harmoniously. This project didn't take long at all. The total time to cover three chairs, was approximately one hour. And the total cost for covering the chairs was ZERO! Who knew? Are you working on any quick and easy summer projects?
Go Out and Make Today A GREAT Day!