Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How to Decorate a Small Bath with Big Style.....Tip #1

Several weeks ago the Master Bath was revealed, and since it's completion we have really been enjoying our new space. The renovation took much longer than we anticipated, so we decided to take a mini break, before tackling another home improvement project. Now that we are somewhat rested it's time to turn our attention to the powder bath. You can see how the powder room looks here. After this bath is completed we will only have two more bathrooms left to renovate. Yay! Since we are redoing the powder room we've decided to steer clear of the same ole, same ole bathroom per se. This time around we plan to give this space the WOW factor. We figure it's the powder room, so we've decided to GO BIG or GO HOME! After the decision was made to GBOGH, the first thing I did was surf the internet to find pieces that caught my eye and tickled my fancy.

I knew I wanted a vessel sink and this sink was totally an eye catcher for me. I absolutely love the color, the shape, the crackled look of the glass and the ethnic vibe this sink exudes. The faucet is really cool too, and I think it grounds the sink nicely. This sink was found on amazon, so check it out when you get a chance. I am not affiliated with amazon.

side view of the sink

The only things that are staying in this space are the mirror and the light fixture, everything else has gotta go! I am still debating on whether or not to paint the mirror, but I guess I will make that decision once the bathroom begins to take shape.

Hubby is going to build the vanity, and It's going to be super simple but stylish. We have opted not to add doors to the vanity, instead we will use decorative baskets to house all of the needed paraphernalia. Below is a pair of  drawer pulls I found that tickled my fancy. These pulls are going to be a great addition to our simple yet stylish vanity.

Was I right about that last statement or what? I love these pulls so much because no two are the same, plus I think they are going to look quite stunning on the vanity. These pulls were purchased on a recent trip to Hobby Lobby. I looked for them online in hopes of adding a link, but no such luck. (sorry!) So if you are interested in these pulls check with your local Hobby Lobby Store.

As I stated earlier Hubby is going to build the vanity. Now, there will be room left in the budget for a solid surface counter top. So next up, a trip to the granite yard. Once there it didn't take me long to find what I wanted. However, the first remnant I found was a no go. It was defective and couldn't be used. So back to the drawing board I went. Right when I was about to give up, I scored big! I stumbled upon a remnant, that matches the granite that I already have in my kitchen perfectly! Who knew? I am tremendously excited about all of my selections for the powder room thus far. When finished I believe this room is going to be simply amazing!!!

Now for tip #1 How to decorate a small bath with big style.

1. Be true to you!
More often times than not I find that a large number of us are afraid to just be ourselves when it comes to decorating/creating our spaces. What I am about to say I say out of love. Just because a trend is hot doesn't mean you have to fall for it hook line and sinker. And just because everybody else is doing something, doesn't mean you have to do it. Don't get me wrong it's okay to stay current with what's going on in the industry, but what if the current trend is something you don't like? Are you willing to sacrifice "Being true to you" for something that you really love or want to do in your space, for the sake of what everyone else is doing? I certainly hope not! Here's a prime example. The color grey is super hot right now and it has been for quite some time. Every where you look you see it. If you don't believe me check out your favorite blogs or turn on the TV. Grey seems to be the only color that some of our favorite TV personalities use. I know, I know it's "the new beige" and "it's here to stay". But what if you don't care for the color grey? Would you still use it because it's a popular color, even though you don't like it? That's absurd!!! Instead, why not pick a color that you not only love and gravitate to, but a color that will set the tone and create the perfect back drop; for all the things you love. Lastly, give yourself permission to "Be true to you" and your home will begin to take shape and evolve into the perfect place that you've created just for you! I hope this helps someone.

Make today a GREAT day!