Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Baby Shower Bliss

Today I am popping in with a few highlights of my Daughter's baby shower. Yep, I am going to be a Zsa Zsa again. Yay! We haven't received the professional pictures from the shower yet, so all of the pictures were taken with a cell phone.
Once my daughter decided on a theme Bumble Bees/Daisies we went to work. Several weeks of prep work was done to make the baby shower possible. But in the end it was worth it. Enjoy the pics! 

Lots and lots of prep work was done before the room got to this point. Let's see, we painted the terracotta pots, made all the paper flowers as well as the place mats, just to name a few. Did I mention we made all the paper flowers? If you look to the left of the picture you will see my little sweet heart and my good friend Mandy. My grandbaby was super excited, because she was going to be our little Hostess for the day.

This is how the room looked before we put our special touch on it. That's me in the black/white fedora. And yes the expectant Mommy is just above me. I think she is the cutest. And her Hubby is way in back.
At this point the tables and chairs were basically in the right place. Now it was time to DECORATE!!!!!!
So the next step was to add the tablecloth, chair covers, sashes and centerpieces.

  If you look closely you will see a baby bumble bee sleeping. Shh!!! How cute is that?

A single Bumble Bee was placed in each of the larger daisies as well. Can you see it?


Once everything was said and done, this is how the table/tables turned out.

My Daughter and her Hubby's table received a fresh floral arrangement. Instead of the black sashes we used black white and yellow tulle to add another element to the design. Daughter and her Hubby loved their table.

This is a close-up of their table. Isn't the table runner absolutely gorgeous!!!!



As a thank you each guest received an amazing gourmet candle apple from Tiffiney@Lé Château Doux. The apples were not only gorgeous, but they were oh so tasty too! Thanks Tiffiney!!!

I had a blast last month helping put this event together. But before I end this post I just wanted to share the cake with you. It was purchased from Sam's Club, and we added the daises, bumble bees, and the sleeping baby bee. And after all was said and done, that's exactly what we did. We went to SLEEP!!!!!

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Fresh Flowers Trader Joes Tallahassee Florida
Cake & Cup cakes Sam's Club Tallahassee Florida
Terracotta pots Hobby Lobby Tallahassee Florida


Monday, May 23, 2016

Styling the Master Bath....

Today is reveal day and I am super excited to share our finally finished Master bath with you. It has taken several months to complete this project and I think you are going to be amazed at the results. Just in case you don't remember what this bathroom use to look like you can see it here.

Our old bathroom had been stuck in a time warp and after living with the space for several years it was time to do a major reno. So we rolled up our sleeves and went to work. You like?

Since the space is Tom Thumb size it was really hard to photograph but some how we managed. In order to keep cost down we did a lot of repurposing. My Husband had taken the above pic several months ago. So I shopped the house and found a frame that would work nicely with this picture. Initially the frame was brown, but I painted it a crisp clean white and that did the trick. 

The glass shelves were another way we cut cost. We had a large piece of glass from a previous project just sitting in the garage. So Hubby took the glass and had it cut down to size. He also used chrome brackets to mount the shelving to the wall. I particularly love the glass shelves because they don't take up visual space. Plus they help maintain the open and airy feel we were going for in our bathroom.
Since the bathroom was mostly white/gray we added a pop of yellow to up the ante. ENJOY the rest of the pics!



Are you amazed at the finished product? I sure am! Have you done/doing any bathroom remodeling? If so I would love to hear all about it.

2 Your Home,

Monday, May 16, 2016

Make Me Over Again...Dresser Turned Vanity

Instead of purchasing a vanity for our bathroom we decided to transform an existing dresser. We knew that we wanted the bathroom to be mostly white, with a pop of color. So when it was time to makeover the dresser painting it white was the easy part. The dresser was primed and two coats of white paint was applied. Thanks Hubby!

You like?

When I first purchased the dresser it was beige and it was heavily stained. I think the previous owner must have been a smoker, (no offense smokers) so I painted it a rust color. I was hoping that the paint would cover the heavy staining, and absorb the unpleasant smell. Luckily for me it did both. This is actually one of the pieces I purchased from my friend John. You can read about John here. That's me standing on the bed trying to get a before pic of the dresser.

Unfortunately this is the only before pic that I have of  the cut out for the sinks. So you know what that means, I don't have any pics of the process. Sorry!

Once the cut outs were done I had no idea how I wanted to paint the top of the vanity. Well I didn't have to think too long because Hubby volunteered to paint it for me.

I loved the paint technique Hubby used on the vanity. The light grey brush strokes would be a wonderful addition to our mostly white bathroom. However, before the vanity was installed in it's permanent home, I noticed that the white paint didn't look so white anymore. The top of the vanity had begun to yellow and the culprit, old polyurethane. So, the Hubby would have to repaint the top of the vanity. UGH!!!

This pic and the one below is a close up of the top. Hubby decided he wanted to add more gray so I told him to "Go for it". Not to shabby if I must say so myself.

We opted to paint the vanity top since granite was not in our budget at the time. However, I do happen to  have my eye on a beautiful piece of grey and white granite, that would be just perfect for this space. I can't wait to get it!!!!

One of the things I love most about this vanity is, it has tons of space. Even though cut outs had to be made to accommodate the plumbing this piece can still house lots of stuff. And in the future I plan to organize/harness all of our clutter in cute little bins/containers, and share it with you in a later post. So Stay tuned!!!

So what do you think? Any dresser to vanity make overs in your future. I welcome your feedback. 
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Monday, May 9, 2016

From Worn Out to WOW!...Tiling the Master Bath Shower.

Where did the time go? It's been three months since my last post. But what can I say? Life happens! Any who the past three months have been a blur, but now I am ready to get back into the blogging groove. The last time I popped in we had demoed the master bath, painted the walls, and tiled the floors. So today's post is all about the shower. Are you ready for this? DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!

 Behold the finished shower!!!
But before I go any further I would like for you to take a trip with me down memory lane. Whose with me?
 This is how the shower looked before Hubby rolled up his sleeves and went to work. Yikes! The old shower surround had to be cut into pieces in order to get it out of the bathroom. Major headache! Even though this remodel was long overdue at this point in the Reno, I became a tad bit nervous.

Once the shower surround had been removed the old insulation was replaced and the shower floor was prepped. Now I could  breathe a sigh of relief since the surround was out. 

The cement board was installed and concrete was poured on the shower floor. (sorry no pic of the cement being poured )  Once the concrete dried it was time to start laying the tile. Hip hip hooray!!!!

The floor tiles had a mesh backing and to our surprise the installation was a little tricky. Since we are newbies to tiling it took a lot longer than expected, but Hubby powered through it with minimal mistakes.

After the floor was installed Hubby tackled the shower walls. I forgot to take pics of the wall when Hubby first started tiling. Oops!!! Alexander Pope said it best, "To err is human." tahehehe!

Now that the shower was completely tiled, the only thing left to do was the grout. The next day the grout was applied. And at this point we were so excited because our master bath was finally taking shape. Did I mention we were two Happy Campers?

Once the grout was completely dry Hubby thoroughly cleaned and sealed the tiles. Lastly he added the shower accessories and that completed this project. Nice!!!! I took this pic so you could get a close-up of all the details in the tile. Plus I wanted you to see how absolutely gorgeous it is. You like?
One last thing, is the accent tile beautiful or what? Love it!!!
So what do you think? I think it turned out amazingly awesome. Hats off to Hubby and a great big thank you for all of your hard work. Did I mention that our Master bath was his first time tiling ever? Okay READERS/VISITORS please help me spread the love and give my Hubby a shot out for a job well done! Have you under gone any bathroom renovation lately, if so I would love to hear about it!

Go out and make today count!