Monday, September 21, 2015

DIY Fall Wreaths

Fall is almost officially here but you can't tell it where I live. The temps are still in the high 80's here. So it's been a challenge for me to get the ball rolling with my "Fall Projects". However, last Saturday I mustered up the motivation to go shopping for fall wreaths. My first stop was Hobby Lobby. Fall was in full bloom at HL and the selections were amazing. I had my heart set on some beautiful preassembled wreaths, but you know me I had a budget in mind. So instead of purchasing the gorgeous preassembled wreaths that I so desperately wanted, I opted to go the budget friendly route, and decided to create my own Fall Wreaths. I purchased garland that was oh so Fall, then I headed back home to get my project in gear.

This is the wreath I created. Keep reading/scrolling to see how it was done.

 This wreath has been used a lot over the years. See it here
Things needed for this project.  A wreath/wreaths............

garland, ribbon, floral wire and wire cutters.

This wreath was super simple. It took me a little over an hour to assemble both wreaths. The first thing I did was took the garland and formed it into the shape of my wreath. Once the garland was in place to my liking, I began securing the wreath with the floral wire.

Sorry you can barely see the wire.
This pic shows how I used the floral wire to hold the garland in place. ***SIDE NOTE*** The process of securing the garland would have gone a lot smoother an been easier, if I had added the floral wire around the entire wreath first, then added the garland. This way the floral wire would already have been in place, then all I would have had to do was secure the garland by wrapping the floral wire around it. Instead I did the opposite, which made it harder for me to see the wire because the garland was in the way.You live and you learn!

This is how the garland looked once it had been secured to the wreath.  Do you see the big gap? My garland wasn't long enough to go around the entire circumference of my wreath so I added the ribbon/bow to fill the space.

talk about bloopers I forgot to remove the tag yikes!
I think the bow adds a nice festive touch. I added the animal print ribbon to give the wreath more pizazz! The only thing that I purchased for this creative project was garland. All in all I spent approximately $50 for this project.

I think this wreath turned out quite lovely, and I can't wait to hang them outside. 
Do you have any fall projects on your to do list?

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  1. NICEEEEE, as I knew it would be.

  2. You know, I reeeeeeeeeeeally like that wreath. It would look fabulous on my front door 😅

    1. Thank you, I reeeeeeeeeeeally like it too!