Monday, June 29, 2015

Plans for redecorating the Foyer

March and April were super busy months. So instead of going on vacation during spring break we decided to tackle our to do list. We did a lot of  planning and preparing, so our home improvement projects would go smoothly. In March of last year I was vacationing in beautiful Honolulu Hawaii. As I was preparing this post I was reminiscing about the spectacular Hawaiian scenery. The color of the water, sky and sand were absolutely AMAZING! And the orange glow of the sunsets were breathtaking. I loved Hawaii and I knew that I could get used to being an Island girl, but that wasn't happening. So when the time came for me to redecorate my foyer I decided if I can't go to the island; I would bring the island to me. So the first thing I did was shop my house for pieces that I could use in the design. I decided I would meld the styles that I liked together; which happen to be African, Asian, and Indian, with splashes of tropical décor. I think this will give my foyer/home an Island feel. Whose with me? Below are some of the pieces that made the cut.

Palm Tree Rug
This rug was hand painted by my beautiful daughter. Thanks Top!
Blue Tango
Sea Shell Print
Blue Tango and the sea shell print above were taken by yours truly at Bok Tower Gardens.
Ginger Jar
Asian Style Lamps
African Bust
African Girl's
Elephant tapestry
 The monkey STAYS!
I look forward to sharing my foyer reveal with you in the coming weeks. So come back often to see how these pieces will be incorporated in my home (island oasis).
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Friday, June 12, 2015

In Memory of My Friend John

Where do I begin? I met John when I was in the process of decorating my second home. John owned a thrift store and I was introduced to him by a close friend. I had purchased a few items from John here and there, but when I purchased my current home, I became a weekly customer. I can actually remember the first thing I bought from John's Shop, it was a  pair of Broyhill Chests. The chests were my first decorative paint project and they turned out great. I loved going to John's shop so much so, that we had given it a nickname "John Junk". But it needed to be spoken with a French accent to get the full affect. lol! And sometimes when we didn't find anything, we would sit and chat under the big Oak Tree. Over the course of several years the Shop moved twice, so we didn't get to see John as much. And eventually we lost  complete contact with him. Have you seen John? This had become the million dollar question for quite sometime. And earlier this year my questioned was answered. My friend had passed away in January of last year, and I didn't find out about it until March of this year. I was in shock and my heart was sad!  Several weeks ago I was in a mad dash to finish a decorating project. So I headed out to find that perfect piece to seal the deal. And that's when it hit me.
Through tear filled eyes I was remembering John and the friendship we had formed. And I thought to myself if John were here he'd have just what I needed.

Farewell my Friend, we Love and Miss you!






All of the pieces in the above pics were purchased from John's thrift store, and they will always be staples in my décor.

 In Memory of My friend John.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Since I've been Gone

Hi all and Happy Tuesday to everyone. I am finally back after an extra long reprieve. When life happens you gotta roll with the punches, and keep it moving. Lots of things have happened since I've been gone. Let's see, we revamped the entry, painted walls and furniture, laid tile in the master bath and built a farmhouse table just to name a few. I will be sharing those projects as the weeks progress. But first things first. In my last post I was in hot pursuit of completing Hubby's Master closet #1. However, we ran into a snag because we didn't see eye to eye, on the chest of drawers that would be used for the space.

I wanted to find a chest of drawers similar to the one I had in my closet, but Hubby had something else in mind.

He wanted to transform this former bookcase into his storage unit and I was not on board with that idea, but I eventually caved in and told him to go for it. Besides it was free and it would be inside the closet.

The first thing Hubby did was give the piece a fresh coat of paint.
Then he removed the little doodad that was on top with a circular saw and added the drawer pulls.

Hubby was perfectly satisfied with the piece at this stage, but I thought it was missing something.

So I convinced him to add a shelf and some cute little feet. The storage unit houses t-shirts and other
personal items. Hubby also added the decorative basket to keep socks at bay. Even though I wasn't keen on using the bookcase turned storage unit it serves it's purpose.
before pic of closet

 before pic of closet

after pic

Here's the finished closet. I think it turned out GREAT! A place for everything and everything in it's place.
Come back next week to see the projects I completed in March!

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