Friday, January 30, 2015

Hubby's Master Closet Update.

Hello All, I am back again this week with an update of Hubby's closet. I didn't get as far along as I had hoped, but I should be finished in the next week or so. Then it's on to another closet.

This is how the closet looked in the last post after all the contents had been removed. At this point I still wasn't completely certain as to how I would organize the space.   
 I had a few ideas, but they weren't concrete. I started rehanging some of the clothing in hopes of getting a clearer picture of how I wanted things to be placed. This closet is teeny weeny, so I am going to have to make every inch of space count. I knew that a chest of drawers was a must.
I would love to find a chest of drawers that looks somewhat like the one that's in my closet. So I went on a shopping trip to see if I could find something similar for Hubby's closet, but that didn't happen.   While I was out in search of a chest, Hubby put one of his bright ideas into motion and came up with this. The pic below is Hubby's idea of a chest of drawers.
This piece had been sitting in my garage for years. It served as a book case when my daughter was a tot. Trust me that was a long time ago. Hubby added some doors and placed it in his closet. Um, what's a girl to do or say? Husbands you gotta love em. We've had several round table discussions about Hubby's version of a chest of drawers, and I have come to this conclusion, "You can't touch this." lol..... Moving right along......

Hubby even took a pic of the chest with the doors closed. Will the chest stay or go? Come back next week to find out.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Organizing the Master Bedroom Closets

Hello all my 2015 is off to an amazing start. What about yours? Now that the Christmas decorations have been put away I have organizing on my mind. A few years ago I did a post called "No More Clutter", you can see it here.(this is a 3 part post) And now it's time for Hubby's closets to get a major transformation as well.
His closet was a total mess and so was mine.
So I rolled up my sleeves and got busy!
The first thing I did was remove all the contents from the closet.

YIKES! That's a lotta contents.......for such a small space.
 While I was emptying out the closet Hubby was busy sorting. We used three bins for sorting keep donate and toss.
Even the Ab roller and the Pittsburgh Steelers hamper had to go. Hubby's a big fan of the Steelers.
 Several minutes later the closet looked liked this. I decided to remove the shelving on the right side of the closet after I had finished painting, so I will have to touch up paint before I can proceed. There are several things left on my to do list before this closet makeover is complete. So join me next week for part 2 of Hubby's closet makeover.  

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