Monday, August 5, 2013

Master Bathroom Ideas

Hi all, hope you had a great weekend. Can you believe that it's August already?  My summer vacation is almost over, and in a few weeks I will be headed back to work. I really didn't get much accomplished pertaining to home improvement, there were other things that were more pressing. After I finished my office the plan was to add the finishing touches to the master-bedroom. Well, that didn't happen, instead my attention was redirected to a busted pipe in the master bathroom. Ugh!

 About four years ago we encountered the exact same problem, but on that occasion we enlisted the services of a plumber. I guess I don't have to tell you what that meant, a whole lotta cash. When it was all said and done that plumber had ripped us a new one. No pun intended!

This time instead of hiring a plumber Hubby tackled the job himself. He rented a jackhammer from the Home Depot and busted up the floor. Several hours later the leak was fixed at a fraction of the plumbers cost. Thank goodness for a handy husband.


Did I mention Hubby also fixed a leak in the wall? ( see drywall  patch ) Since the plumbing episode I have been sourcing the web for bathroom ideas. I think now would be a great time to remodel. The bathroom is super tiny, (Tom Thumb size) but the goal is to make this space amazing. The ideal bathroom for me would be mostly white, with an amazing piece of furniture turned vanity, topped with brushed nickle faucets/accessories. Below are some inspirational pics that caught my eye.

 Asian Appeal
I love the look of this vanity.

Dream Bath in Blue: Stunning Statement Pieces
This bathroom is stunning, and the floors are awesome. And I really like the wall color too. I found a porcelain tile similar to the one pictured, called Calcutta. And I have the perfect shade of  gray-blue for my walls, (secret passage/Olympic). hm!

Serene Retreat
Another beautiful piece of furniture turned vanity. I would love to find an amazing piece of furniture for my master bath as well. So I'm keeping my eyes open and my fingers crossed hoping that I will. 

Think White
I love the simplicity of this bathroom and the attention to details. Those sconces are cute,cute, cute!
I haven't put all the pieces together for my bathroom reno, but I will keep you posted. Thrift store here I come!!!  Have an AWESOME week!

2 Your Home,