Thursday, April 11, 2013

Landing Makeover

Spring is in full swing and boy oh boy am I loving this beautiful weather. I've been busy cleaning, rearranging and sprucing things up a bit. Do your remember my landing transformation? If not you can see it here.
I really like the look of this space, but I wanted to freshen it up a bit. So, I figured the landing would be a great place to start. My budget was in defib, so I had to peruse the house in order to create a new look. Good thing I have a prop closet that houses all of my unused decorating paraphernalia. Any who let's get to the good part.
Here it is, fresh, clean and simple. I switched out the bench, flower pot, candlesticks, pillows and basket. Then I added the African bust, and gave the flower pot a shot in the arm with gold spray paint. Not to shabby considering I didn't spend a dime. I also came up with another look for this space, you"ll  see it at the end of the post. Enjoy the pics! 
I love, love, love, the pattern and all the bright bold colors in this fabric. 

This look will come in handy in the future. By switching out the pillow and the vase, it gives this space a different look and feel.
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