Monday, February 18, 2013

Red Hot Powder Room

Hello all, it's that time again. Today, I  have a red hot powder room to share with you this week.  So lets get started......

This is how the powder room looked before the makeover. I wanted new wallpaper but there was no room in the budget. So I made my own.(wallpaper) I took brown packaging paper and tore it into large pieces. Then I  applied wallpaper paste to one side of the paper,and began applying it to the walls and the ceiling. This process took about two hours. Then I primed and painted the room.
Hello somebody! I painted this room a bold shade of red. Opera House Red by Behr to be exact. If you're thinking about using a saturated color, the powder room would be a great place to experiment.


Here are two of my favorite quotes. I get to read them every time I enter the powder room. Look closely and you'll see how overlapping the paper gives it a leather look.

The counter top was painted to coordinate with the mirror. First, a gold base coat was applied. Next, antique bronze was used to paint the squiggly lines. Then, several coats of polycrylic was applied to protect the surface. Not to shabby huh?

During the holidays the wire basket is filled with Christmas ornaments. But in a few short weeks it will be overflowing with orchids and greenery. I can't wait! The ceramic container is one of my favorite accessories. I think every room needs a little animal print.

The wicker basket is used to store extra toiletries and supplies.


This corner needed a little something, so I added the blue and white vase. Pretty pretty pretty. Enjoy the rest of the pics!


 This powder room went from drab to red hot and dramatic and I love it! 
Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That red is such a bold and beautiful statement!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks, red happens to be one of my favorite colors!