Monday, January 21, 2013

Storage Solutions

Hello again, Can you believe that it's Monday already? I am whistling Dixie right now, because I don't have to work today or tomorrow SWEET! Well I guess it's time to get down to business. For the last few weeks I have been taming clutter and getting organized. Whew! I wish someone would have warned me that getting  organized takes lots of discipline. But I have purposed in my heart to get my house totally organized and clutter free. Who's with me?

So far.....

I removed all the contents from the closet and gave it a fresh coat of paint. (secret passage/Olympic)

Some of the existing shelving was rehung, but I still wasn't for sure about a few things. For instance, I wanted to add a chest of drawers, a shoe rack, and a few decorative items. How in the world could I make all this possible with limited space and a tight budget to boot? So I put my thinking cap on....... and here's what I came up with. I had a piece of wire shelving left (approximately 40 inches long).

Hubby cut the shelving in half and installed it.
 These shelves will serve as shoe racks. Pretty clever huh?

Not too shabby if I must say so myself. The shoe rack dilemma was solved, but what about the chest of drawers?

Well as it turns out I had the perfect chest in one of my guest bedrooms. The chest fit into the space like a glove. I contemplated painting it but for now I will keep it as is. I also added a mirror and a wooden bowl.

 I did some major purging, and only brought back the clothing and shoes that I wear regularly.  I hung my longer dresses in another closet. And the remaining clothing will be put in the spring yard sale or donated. I would like some colorful storage baskets for the top shelf to store my purses, but for the most part my master closet is a wrap. What do you think? I love how my closet turned out, but here's the best part. Are you sitting down? The total cost of this closet makeover was about $6, which was spent on extra hardware for the shelving. Now that's something to blog about!

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Master Closet Update

Hello all and Happy Monday, This week I have an update on my master closet. I didn't get as far as I had hoped, because my week didn't go as planned.

This is how my closet looked before I started the makeover. YIKES!

The first thing I did was removed everything from the closet. Then I sorted items into four categories keep, yard sale, donate, and throw away.

Once I finished sorting I removed the shelving and gave the closet a fresh coat of paint. (secret passage by Olympic)

I waited a couple of days before re-installing some of the shelving. I am still working out the kinks on this project, but my  goal is to have it finished by this weekend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Since I didn't finish my closet, I was determined to get at least one thing accomplished. So I uncluttered my night stand. Yes, I confess this is how my night stand looked before I declared war on clutter.

But look at her now. isn't she lovely, isn't she beautiful? Okay, I'm getting a bit carried away, but you get the picture.

It took only a few minutes to whip this night stand into shape. I decided not to add any decorative accessories. For now, I am going to enjoy it just the way it is CLUTTER FREE!

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Monday, January 7, 2013

No More Clutter.....

Hello all and Happy New Year! 
This year I have made a conscience decision to "Take Clutter by the Horns" and organize every room in my house, thanks to the folks over at Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. Their article on "Simple Storage Solutions to Keep You Organized" inspired me to get the ball rolling, and boy do I need to get organized. So,with that being said, my first order of business is to whip my master bedroom closets into shape. I have been perusing the Internet and below are some inspirational photos that I plan to incorporate in my own closet. 

I love the simplicity of these closets. A place for everything and everything in it's place.


I love, love, love, the colorful boxes, and how the storage cart was used as a shoe rack. The clear shoe boxes get a thumbs up.  I really like them too!


How adorable is this? If I were a shoe I'd want to be stored in a box that looks like this. 
Now it's time to get back to reality. I saved the EYE OPENING part for last. 


This is how my closet looks at present. Keep Calm and Carry On, there's one pic remaining.

Yikes, I'm in clutter up to my eyeballs, Can somebody please help? 
Come back next week as I began my "Take Clutter by the Horns saga". You don't want to miss it!

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