Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Finale

Hello again,
I have a table setting that is Super Simple this week. Except for one thing, but I'll talk about that later on in the post. So let's get started.....
 I wanted to try something that was kinda different so I came up with this look. All white with just a splash of orange. Hmmmmm! Delightful!
 I needed a white table cloth, but I didn't have one, so here's what I did. I used a pair of lace curtain panels. Do you see the white band in the center of the table? That's where I joined the two panels together. I think the band adds a nice touch.
Next, I brought out the dishes. If you look closely the place settings aren't the same in fact, I used three different sets of dishes. It's okay to mix and match it adds interest.
The leaf placed on the plate is a clear indicator that this is a Fall Table Setting. Small detail, big impact!!! 
Remember when I said that everything was simple except for one thing. Well this is the one thing, the napkins. All I have to say is, DON"T TRY THIS AT HOME!!! LOL. It really wasn't that bad but it took several tries until I got the look I wanted. 
The center piece is a platter filled with pumpkins sitting on top of a decorative box. Easy,easy,easy.
I switched out the decorative box for a punch bowl filled with white tissue paper. Don't know which one I like best, but they both work. You like?
Since the table is so sparsely decorated and mostly white I brought attention to it by placing  the sunflowers in acrylic boxes, artfully displaying the napkins in the wine glass and by adding a splash of color with the use of napkins and florals. What do you think?   
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Photography credits: REO Photography
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  1. Fall & white is an unusual combination but you made it work. Thanks for giving us insight into your creativity.