Monday, October 29, 2012

Easy Faux Palm Tree

Hello and happy Monday, I hope you had a great weekend. I had a wonderful week spending time with family and friends. I will share the events of my week in a later post.  
Today I have a quick and easy idea for a Palm Tree. Read on....

Do you remember my Fab Foyer makeover?  I really loved how it turned out but, I thought the area between the staircase and the door was missing something. I wanted to add some height and drama to the space, so I decided a Palm Tree would do the trick. But that was before I found out how much one cost. I wasn't about to pay $100 plus for an artificial tree, so here's what I did......

I purchased 3 Tiki Torches ($1.99 each) and 2 Sago Palm bushes ($7.99 each) and made my own tree. 

First, I removed the wicks from the torches and inserted the stems of the Sago Palm bushes; where the wicks used to be.   
Next, I filled the pot with newspaper and shipping popcorn and added the torches one by one. I played around with the arrangement until I achieved the look I wanted. Lastly, I added some moss to hide the contents.  (the mouth of the pot will determine how many torches you will need.)

So here it is, I LOVE IT!!!!!!  What do you think? The cost for the Palm Tree about $25.  ( the cost  will be higher if you don't already have a pot.)  Thanks for stopping by!

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Photography Credits: REO Photography

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