Monday, September 10, 2012

Welcome Fall

Hello again, before I get started I have to tell you about my weekend. Initially, I had planned to start my "welcome fall project." I had a list of things I wanted to tackle; like wash windows, pressure wash the sidewalk, and revamp some old wreaths. Now you know that didn't happen, right. Saturday I woke up to the sound of hissing water.We had a leak in the bathroom wall. ugh! Hubby turned the water off , but he couldn't fix the problem until late that evening. He had to work. So what did I do Saturday, absolutely nothing. Sunday was a no go as well, it rained all day long. So, what's a girl to do?... I turned lemons into lemonade and I tackled the projects I could do inside.

I really wanted new wreaths this fall, but you know me; I didn't want to spend any money. So I decided to re-purpose some old wreaths I had in the attic. Here's what I did. I removed all the floral stems from the wreath pictured above, to the wreath in the picture below. 

I really like this wreath but it's kinda sparse, so I beefed it up by adding the floral stems I removed from wreath 1 onto this wreath. Assembly was very simple, I placed the stems where I thought they would look best and adhered them with floral wire. Then I made the bow.

These are the florals that were removed from the wreath in pic 1. I had to retire the berries that were closest to the ribbon. (see above)
Can you guess why? LOL

Drum Roll Please!!!! Here is the finished product. Now I can scratch 1 thing off my Fall to do list. Happy Fall Yall!!!
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  1. Great Job! I love your blog. Keep the creative ideas coming!

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words. Come back often!! Lory