Monday, September 24, 2012


Hello and Happy fall, 
Are you looking for a quick and easy table setting idea that will last through Thanksgiving? If so, Check out this table.


These are the plates that I used to transform my table from drab to dramatic. 

This is what the table looked like with just the plates, not to promising huh!

This is what I did to transform the table. I added the brown tablecloth, which is not really a tablecloth it's 2 1/2 yards of decorator fabric that I had from a previous project. I just put it on the table no sewing required. The black placemats are a remnant of upholstery fabric cut to the size of the other placemats.

I really wanted to add some drama to the table, so I added the zebra placemats, the animal print glasses and the pumpkin napkins. WOW!!!! ( I confess, I love animal prints).

The centerpiece was quick and easy. I filled the container with pine cones, then I added the pumpkin floral stems, no need for glue the pine cones held the stems in place. Before I added the sunflowers I removed the stems and placed them around the container. Then I added a few fall leaves.

Voila, I think it turned out quite lovely.

This table is casual enough to be used every day, but elegant enough to entertain family and friends.

Come back next week for another "Fall table setting" idea.
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Photography credits: REO Photography

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  1. You make it looks so beautiful yet attainable for us normal people. Keep up the great advice.

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